The Berlin Philharmonie

Philharmonie and Chamber Music Hall belong to the best concert halls worldwide. The ensemble is the home of the "Berliner Philharmoniker", i.e. the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra with its chief conductor Sir Simon Rattle.

In the years 1960-1963 the Philharmonie was built by the architect Hans Scharoun. Because of the good acoustics the interior design was copied in many later concert halls. The smaller Chamber Musik Hall was added in the 1980s, built by Scharounīs copartner Edgar Wisniewsky on the basis of drawings of Hans Scharoun.

The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra celebrates its 125th birthday
In 2007 the "Berliner Philharmoniker" are celebrating their 125th birthday with a great program. Highlights beside the regular program are the yearly events in connection with the Berlin "Musikfest" in September 2007 as well as the many events and efforts aiming at exciting young people for classical music in particular. For example, the former project "Rhythm is it" shows the important social meaning of these projects. "To me, from everything that music can achieve the most important effect is: bringing people together." (Sir Simon Rattle)

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