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Gemäldegalerie am Kulturforum
Painting Gallery for medieval European masterpieces

The Gemäldegalerie - from the outside rather unimpressive - bears one of the most important collections of European paintings which are presented on an expanse of 7,000 square meters of architecturally best designed exhibition space. Compared to other museums in Berlin, the Gemäldegalerie is not very widely known what makes it to a real insider tip! Here, you can examine some of the worldwide most famous masterpieces without being stressed by crowds of visitors.

  Gemäldegalerie on the website of the State Museums of Berlin (SMB)

Ausstellungsräume in der Gemäldegalerie

History of the Gemäldegalerie
The today´s Art Gallery "Gemäldegalerie" was opened in 1998 (begun 1992) and has one of the world's finest collections of European art from the 13th to 18th century.
The first works from the art collection of the Great Elector "Großer Kurfürst" (1620-1688) and the collection of Frederick the Great "Friedrich der Große" (1712-1786) have been shown from 1830 in the "Königliches Museum" ("Royal Museum") at the Lustgarten, today's "Altes Museum" ("Old Museum").

In 1904 the Gallery moved into the newly built "Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum" on the Museum Island that is today called "Bode-Museum". After the Second World War until 1997, the art works of the collection were distributed on the West Berlin Museum in Berlin-Dahlem and the Bode-Museum in the eastern part of Berlin.

The construction of the museum "Gemäldegalerie" ("Painting Art Gallery") at the Kulturforum was delayed considerably after the museum "Kunstgewerbemuseum" ("Museum of Decorative Arts") by the architect Rolf Gutbrod - built in a very controversial architectural style - was opened in 1985 and, subsequently, the overall planning of 1968 of Gutbrod for the remaining four museums of European Art was strongly criticized. For this reason, in the year 1986 the planning was revised by carrying out a new architectural competition. The architects office "Hilmer & Sattler and Albrecht" won the competition and was commissioned to build the Gemäldegalerie.

The Gemäldegalerie offers 7,000 square meters of exhibition area on a plane and in every room there is natural skylight illumination. The exhibition rooms are arranged around a central portico and the visitors can choose individually their way through the different periods of art.

Ausstellungsräume in der Gemäldegalerie

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